Historical Record

Pendle 600 Historical Record


The inaugural Pendle 600 took place over the weekend of 02 – 03 June 2012. Many people will remember this as the “Jubilee Weekend”.

Pendle Hill, Lancashire in 2012

The ride began with some very pleasant early morning riding along the A59 before the riders encountered the first big (ish) climbs of the route whilst passing through the Yorkshire Dales. The next stretch took the riders over the North Yorks’ Moors, up and down 1:3 handlebar bending grades before the riders controlled at Robin Hood’s Bay, overlooking the sea!

With the North Yorkshire Moors now out of the way, the next stretch along Teesside was welcomed by most riders as the easier run along main roads provided the riders the chance to make up some time before the route turned north into the northern Pennines, climbing over the 500m contour on several occasions.

The stretch along the A686 over Hartside Pass – at 580m the highest elevation on the route – was a night-ride for the riders. By the time of the Seascale control at about 300-miles, most riders were exhausted with still the headline climbs of the ride to come: Hardkn*tt and Wryn*se passes!

The final stretch over the Trough of Bowland provided the riders with an exhilirating ride along the river to the finish.

Riders travelled from as far as Oxfordshire; Buckinghamshire; London and Scotland to participate.

These 11 -riders completed the very first edition:

Robert Bialek

Steven Bryce

Mark Gray

Simon Grove

Ian Hellawell

John Jackson

Peter Johnson

Justin Jones

Paul Revell

Peter Turner


The second edition was held over the weekend of 22 – 23 June 2013.

34 riders entered. 20 riders started and the following 17 riders finished:

David Atkinson

John Barkman

Robert Bialek

Christopher Breed

Joel Bromley

Jordan Carroll

Daniel Hendriksen

Marcus Jackson-Baker

Justin Jones

Ian Kellar

Martin Lucas

Simon Proven

Ray Robinson

Adam Sharpe

Mike Thompson

Pete Tredget

William Weir

A strong westerly wind blew the riders out to the coast at Robin Hood’s Bay, again climbing over the North Yorkshire Moors to the east coast.

Riders at Robin Hood’s Bay, north Yorkshire

The riders then turned into a fierce headwind (the headwind would play havoc all the way across country to the west coast), before climbing north into the northern Pennines, where the wind and driving rain made the night-time Hartside pass crossing almost a survival battle.

Fortunately, they were all assured of a warm welcome at the Langwathby night (or in some cases morning) control before venturing out into the early morning drizzle to tackle the Lake District.

Marcus Jackson-Baker, Hardknott Pass summit, Cumbria


Adam Sharpe, somewhere in Cumbria


Darkening clouds over Wrynose Pass, Cumbria

After the west coast, Hardknott & Wrynose Passes were conquered by most riders and all surviving riders went onto finish.

Riders travelled from as far as London; Bristol; Surrey and Wales in order to participate in the event and I do hope their journey’s and expense was worthwhile!

Each and every rider had their own epic story to tell, and many of the links to their blogs can be found below.



Furthermore, Damon Peacock kindly filmed some of the 2013 event and you can view his 17-minute film from youtube below:



Even the Pendle witches were very impressed!



The third running of the Pendle 600 was held over the weekend of 13-14 June 2015. The event counted as a 600 km qualifying ride for Paris-Brest-Paris, and was the last to start in the village of Pendleton.

67 entered

37 started

29 finished

Most of the riders set off in the rain although the weather improved as the riders climbed over the north Yorkshire Moors on their way to the east coast. Justin Jones became the only rider to complete all three editions, whilst several riders completed back to back 600s (ie – ridden a 600 the previous weekend). Cathy Brown became the first ever female finisher whilst Stuart Blofeld attempted the route on an Elliptigo but unfortunately ran out of time after completing 561 km. Glenn Utteridge completed the event as his first ever Audax event, raising money for charity in the process.

The successful riders were as follows:

David Atkinson

Richard Barnett

Ashley Brown

Cathy Brown

Paul Buckley

Ivan Cornell

Paul Cre

Kevin Dennett

Richard Ellis

Steve Gee

Aidan Hedley

Mike Henley

Mark Hudson

Nick Jackson

Justin Jones

Paul Manasseh

Graeme McCulloch

Chris Murkin

Simon Neatham

Laurence Piercy

Chris Radcliffe

Ian Ryall

James Skillen

Simon Till

Sean Townley

Glenn Utteridge

Paul Whitehead

Adam Wilson

Patrick Woodissee

Riders travelled from as far as London; Hampshire; Cambridgeshire and Surrey in order to participate in the event.